Health 2.0

Consumers are now getting more of their health information from the internet than they are from face-to-face encounters with their healthcare providers.  This is part of a movement called Health 2.0.  Silly name but the concept is real.  Things have already gotten to the point where for a few patients each day, I will specifically tell them to either look something up on the internet or to stay off the internet based on their diagnosis.  Some diagnoses will lead them down a worrisome wild goose chase that I will then need to correct the learned misinformation on a future visit.  

Consumers need to remember that the internet as a source for health information is only as valid as the source providing that information.  And the fact that something has been agreed to in a general consensus, like a wiki, still doesn’t make it absolutely true.  You may recall that at some point in history, the general consensus was that the world was flat.  Still didn’t make it true.

Be careful who you believe in the electronic healthcare arena.


Dr. Brett Kinsler practices chiropractic healthcare in Rochester, NY.  His office’s website is



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