Cold Laser Speeds Healing of Achilles Tendon

Thanks to the Vancouver Chiropractor for tipping me off about the recent study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine (2008; 36(5):881-887) testing the effects of low intensity laser therapy and specific exercises for achilles tendonitis.52 athletes were divided into two groups. One group was given low intensity laser therapy and strengthening exercises, while the other was given fake laser (machine not turned on) and the strengthening exercises.

Results showed that the low intensity laser group had significant improvements in pain and all other measured factors at 4, 8 and 12 weeks after the initial treatment, when compared to the exercise only group. In fact, the results the laser group got in 4 weeks took 12 weeks for the non-laser group.

If you are suffering from achilles tendon pain, you should consider using low intensity laser therapy (cold laser) in your treatment.  It appears to speed the healing time and will get you back in the game sooner!

Brett L. Kinsler is a chiropractor in Rochester, NY who uses low intensity laser therapy in his practice. More information can be found at

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