Are you giving money to Terry Rondberg?

Do you know who Terry Rondberg is?  If you are a chiropractor on this planet, you have probably received his yellow journalistic rag unfortunately over-titled as “The Chiropractic Journal”.  You may have also heard of his self-important, again over-titled organization called “World Chiropractic Alliance”.  Most responsible, reasonable chiropractors who have read the crap this Rondberg has written and done go running the other way.  Personally, I have been tossing out his newspapers unread for years unless I need something to protect the table when the kids are working on a painting project.  I don’t agree with him, I don’t respect him, I don’t like him and I certainly don’t support him.

Well, not on purpose, anyway.

I was informed of something this weekend that I hadn’t thought of before.  Rondberg’s paper is mailed free to all chiropractors.  He makes his money on advertisements based on his circulation numbers.  My wife also being a chiropractor gets a copy as do I and we both get them at home and in the office.  That’s an increase of four copies to Rondberg’s circulation numbers.

If everyone who disagrees with Rondberg and his wacko writings simply calls and cancels the delivery of the “Chiropractic Journal” their falsely inflated numbers would be decreased, his advertisers will pull back and, perhaps, just maybe, this garbage tabloid embarrassment to the profession will disappear.

So…are you giving money to Rondberg?  Call them at 1-800-347-1011 and cancel your subscription.

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  1. November 25, 2008 at 11:32 am

    The chiropractor in our office who retired a number of years ago was still getting a subscription to this rag as well. We copied the address label and faxed it to TCJ with a request to stop this and all subscriptions. That’s five less “readers” of this drivel. How about you?

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