My Letter to the Editor in Chiro Trade Pub




Just came across a letter I wrote a while ago to Dynamic Chiropractic that was published earlier this month…I must have missed it. Link is here and the letter is reprinted below:

Decompression: Thanks for Separating Fact From Myth

Dear Editor:

Thank you for Dr. Edwards’ article on nonsurgical spinal decompression (“Decompression Facts, Myths and Hyperbole, Part 3,” Sept. 23 DC). It is so refreshing to read an article about decompression that isn’t filled with marketing exaggeration, false claims of superiority and invented statistics. Dr. Edwards (and Dr. Dan Kennedy) present decompression for what it is: an expensive treatment that is similar to other traction devices in its effectiveness. I would like to see more real-world device examinations and debunking of chiropractic myths in future issues of DC.

Brett L. Kinsler, DC
Rochester, NY


The fact is, that happened to be a decent article and is worth reading.  Much of what shows up in the trade mags is either the same old drivel or else not worth the time it takes to read.  Once in a while we get surprised by a quality piece.

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