My Impending Divorce


That’s it. I’ve had it.

I am divorcing you.

We could once co-exist in the same general vicinity as each other. Once we tolerated each others ways. Not anymore.

I am divorcing you.

You idiot one town over who is giving away free gasoline gift cards with an initial exam, we’re through!

I am divorcing you.

You down the street charging $5000 pre-paid for spinal decompression, we are finished.

The big ‘D.’

Hey, former classmate of mine who just plead guilty to bilking half a million bucks in false billings to an insurance company — we’re splitsville.


I went blog reading the other day and came across two pretty good reads both of which were dotted liberally with stories of unethical chiropractors doing unthinkably moronic things. Know what? I am divorcing myself from the moronic chiropractors who pretend to represent me in this profession. I am not one of you. I feel like an adopted bastard chiropractic step-child.

You are not my siblings. You are not my friends and I refuse to be associated with you any longer.

I am taking my plastic spine model and I’m going home.

I don’t want to play with you any more.



  1. February 6, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    Powerful stuff Doc! I hope you understand that we do not offer spinal decompression in that manner whatsoever. Nothing pre-paid or programmed here.

    Hope all is well, great web site.


    Don Dudley – Healthsource Chiropractic, P.L.L.C. (no not part of some bullshit franchise)

  2. February 6, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    Thanks Don! One more notch in the good guys’ barrel!

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