What the hell, England?!?


Okay, here’s a puzzle for you. If you like one color of a cute, furry animal but dislike another color of the same animal, how do you deal with this problem?

Easy, right?

Eat all the animals of the “wrong” color you can.

It turns out that people in England really, really like red squirrels and really, really don’t like the gray ones.  The greys came from North America over the past century or more and are more numerous than the indigenous red squirrel.

So the “Save Our Squirrels” campaign began encouraging people to “Save a red, eat a gray!”

Now, most of you know that I am a recently converted vegan.  I’m not eating any meat, much less rats with fluffy tails, but some of the descriptions of this “novelty meat” are downright offensive.

A New York Times article, in the Dining section no less, stated,”Some have difficulty with the cuteness versus deliciousness ratio.”

Holy crap, is that a thing?  Are you kidding me with this?

Fergus Henderson, the chef and co-owner of St. John restaurant in London, offers squirrel on the menu seasonally.  He serves it with wilted watercress “to evoke the treetops.”

The article further advises that you’d want to get rid of the head since squirrel brains have been linked to variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.  What is this, tree climbing blowfish?  If an animal is linked to the human equivalent of Mad Cow Disease, don’t f-ing eat it!

Nichola Fletcher, a food writer held a squirrel tasting for Britain’s Guild of Food Writers, finding “their lovely flavor tasted of the nuts they nibbled.” 

I think she’s got it backwards…it’s the nuts who are doing the nibbling.  Stuff like this really reinforces my decision to stop eating animals…especially furry rodents.

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