Vive la Chiropratique!


Having recently returned from Montreal and the World Federation of Chiropractic’s 10th Biennial Congress, I am recharged and ready to tackle the issues facing the chiropractic profession once again.

Some of the items I learned while in Montreal:

(1) Not all French Canadians speak English and few of them fake it.

(2) The United States is shockingly behind in chiropractic research compared to Canada, Denmark, Australia and other parts of the world.

(3) There is a new clinical model demonstrating the reversibility of the effects a restricted joint (VSC) has on myopathology, histopathology, etc.

(4) Greg Kawchuk. DC  (Alberta, Canada is working on a model to blind subjects in clinical trials involving manipulation. Subjects are briefly put under anesthesia during the manipulation so they do not know if they were adjusted or given the sham treatment.

(5) There is a good vegetarian restaurant within a 10 minute walk from the hotel.

(6) My parents don’t like good vegetarian restaurants.

(7) David Eisenberg, MD, (Harvard) is running an amazing multidisciplinary clinic put together courtesy of a NIH grant. All practitioners are horizontially referred and patients are moved along as soon as possible. Results are to be published soon but look very impressive for decreased disability and pain reduction.

(8) Internationally, the climate is changing and reform is palpable within chiropractic.  There was less dogma and rhetoric and more science at this convention than any other major chiropractic function I have ever attended in recent memory.

More on this and the concept of responsible chiropractic soon…..

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