Rochester Chiropractors’ New Clothes


Chiropracticly speaking, Rochester is a pretty close knit town. We have also produced more than our fair share of excellent, outspoken chiropractors.  It always seems like whenever there are responsible movers and shakers in this profession, there is some Rochester link.  I can hardly swing a dead subluxationist without running into an article written by fellow Rochester chiros. In fact, I just read an excellent article in Dynamic Chiropractic by Drs. Ventura, Dougherty and Justice discussing the unanswered questions about patient care.  They’ve done a nice job calling the profession to task in that one.  This week, I see a letter in D.C. by Dr. Lange discussing the improprieties of insurance contracts.  Another chiropractor from Rochester with something important to tell the world.

What’s happening is interesting.  There have been some nasty occurrences around here lately surrounding some insurance agreements (the MVP contract predominantly) and some cross words have been spoken.  But, as it should be, the chiropractic community in Rochester is coming out fighting.  It’s okay to be angry at each other.  It’s okay not to agree.  Hell, there are tons of things we can’t even legally discuss as a group.  What’s not okay is to completely discontinue talking.  We have to maintain the dialogue.  We must continue communicating as a community if Rochester is to remain the crowning jewel of a cohesive chiropractic town as it always has been.

So many doctors here are the product of parents whose footsteps they are following.  Parents who fought together, celebrated together, even went to jail together for the sake of the profession when they had to.  We cannot let that go to waste.

Talk to your colleagues.  Tell them what’s on your mind.   Preserve your working relationships and your friendships; and in the process, you will preserve your profession.

Educate your friends on why they may be making bad decisions and how those decisions affect the entire region, both patients and doctors alike.   Perhaps they will see the light.

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