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badge_text_tallI like Wikipedia as a shortcut to quick information but I am afraid to use the information there for any serious projects.  After all, the people producing and editing the content there are just average Joes.  Sure, if you put together enough average Joes and solicit their opinions, you are more likely to come to an accurate conclusion…sometimes.  Not exactly a bet I’d want to place.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a wikifor medical information where only verified medical professionals can directly edit the material?  There is so much medical misinformation on the internet it would be nice to have a source that is more apt to be responsibly written.

Medpedia looks like it might fit that description.  Still in beta phasebut set to fully launch soon, the Medpedia Project is backed by Harvard Medical School, Stanford School of Medicine, Berkeley School of Public Health, University of Michigan Medical School and other leading global health organizations. The goal is to create a new model of how the world will assemble, maintain, critique and access medical knowledge. Over time, they expect to have a collection of up-to-date unbiased medical information, contributed and maintained by health experts around the world, and freely available to anyone who is interested.

This week, I was contacted by a Medpedia staffer. They requested permission to put my blog posts onto the News & Analysis section on their site.  I am pleased and proud to be among the bloggersinvited to participate and welcome the new Medpedia readers and their comments.

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  1. August 31, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Thanks to all the readers who sent me congratulatory emails about this. I also received an e-mail from Medpedia clearing up a few things:

    >> Hi Dr. Kinsler,

    We did officially launch the site ( in February 2009. It is all up and running and we have thousands of users already on the site. That being said, we have not officially “launched” (made visible on the homepage) the News & Analysis section where the blog posts live. That will happen mid-September, and we will do so with some kind of press release, etc. We will let you know!


    Jennifer E. Hawkins
    Community Manager
    The Medpedia Project

    Thanks for clearing that up, Jennifer. I am looking forward to the News & Analysis section launch! — BLK

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