This is why you’re marginal


We are fairly insulated in Rochester from sleazy, totally unprofessional chiropractor advertisements.  They occasionally pop up like freaky little mushrooms and usually get stomped on rapidly.   Here’s one that appeared in a local fishwrapper this week.  Let’s have a little contest – how many unprofessional, insulting or just plain factually incorrect items appear in this ad?  Keep in mind the total ad has less than 100 words!

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  1. September 22, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    So nobody wants to play publicly, eh? Only private, hidden little emails. Fine. I’ll repost some of what I’ve been sent:

    1. There’s a chiropractor in a freaking superhero costume with a big “C” on the chest. I know, this was a little too subtle for some people to notice but in my camp, I’d call this unprofessional and embarassing. If the advertiser was a urologist with a big U on his chest, would you refer to him?

    2. Herniated discs are clinical pathologies — not, in fact, diabolical villains as is so stated.

    3. A $10 consultation? Seriously, why even bother? Are you going to peg the insurance for $60? This smells diabolically fishy to me.

    4. You don’t use “Dr.” before the name and “D.C.” after the name. This would be like my introducing myself as “Doctor Brett Kinsler, doctor of chiropractic doctors from the doctoring school of chiropractorly chiropractors.” I am also employed by the Department of Redundency Department.

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