Peanut Butter in the Gas Tank


People amaze me. Honestly, I am always surprised by many people’s consistent failure to leverage logic in a situation. Here’s an example: A patient had a lumber disc issue three years ago. After seeing several other practitioners, epidural steroid injections and physical therapy all failed to produce desirable results, a friend of the patient suggested he see me. A few properly directed treatments of flexion-distraction and long axis decompression went a long way to quickly dissipate this patient’s disc pain. We were both quite happy with his recovery.

Fast forward to now; three years later. The patient again comes to me with disc pain. When I asked when it began, the patient tells me it started 6 months ago and he went through physical therapy, medications and more injections before returning to me. I was stunned. Chiropractic treatment worked so well for his disc pain in the recent past, why would he not seek my help immediately after a similar flare up?

I equate this form of illogical thinking to putting peanut butter in one’s automobile gas tank. After all, the past hundred times I put gasoline in my car, it ran as it was intended. But this time, I am going to put peanut butter in the tank instead of gasoline hoping for a better result. Huh?

The old adage that people who do what they’ve always done will get what they have always gotten is usually used to illustrate the negative consequences of stagnation. However, if you are satisfied with the results of what you have done in the past, continuing with that same strategy just makes good sense.


Brett Kinsler is a chiropractor in Rochester who treats disc injuries in a way that works. If it didn’t work, he would do it a different way. 


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