Randy Ferrance, DC MD, bridging the gap between chiropractic and medicine

Podcast with chiropractor medical doctor who bridges the gap between the two professions

Dr. Randy Ferrance is a medical physician who was a practicing chiropractor when he entered medical school. Raised in an evangelical chiropractic family, he wasn’t vaccinated as a child. He speaks on bridging the gap from chiropractic to medicine, on his experiences making the transition from chiropractic to medicine and on how chiropractors can best develop working relationships with medical doctors.

Does Dr. Ferrance experience prejudice for being a chiropractor/medical doctor? Yes…but it’s not from whom you’d think.

Interview conducted with Dr. Brett L. Kinsler.

Get the podcast here or look for OnTheOtherHand Podcast on iTunes.

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YouTube Video Promo for the On The Other Hand Podcast

I keep being told that in order to maximize our exposure with the podcast, we need to also have some video. I produced this video promo in order to let more people know about the project in which we help to uncover more scientific, ethical, intelligent people in chiropractic, alternative medicine and health care.

Podcast Episode: What Do Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists Think About Chiropractors?


Timothy Mirtz, DC PhD from the University of South Dakota chatted with me about what athletic trainers and physical therapists think about chiropractors and what can be done to change the interprofessional relationships.

Find it on iTunes by searching for OnTheOtherHand or go here.

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Lowering the Chiropractic Doom and Gloom Meter

A colleague has a “meter” by which he predicts the current level of doom and gloom facing the chiropractic profession.  Whenever something untoward occurs, he bumps up the “meter” a bit. I think if the meter ever fully registers 100%, the entire profession will explode like the world’s largest bottle of Diet Coke enveloping the world’s biggest Mento.

I am pleased to report that the doom and gloom-o-meter can be reduced a titch. As of today, our podcast “On The Other Hand” has had over 1000 downloads in it’s first two weeks of existence!  There is proof that people are interested in hearing about evidence oriented chiropractic from a scientific perspective.

It’s either that or they want to hear if I sound weird pumped directly into their skull through ear buds.  I’m cool with whichever one it is.  Thanks for listening, downloading and subscribing.  If you are so inclined to rate the podcast and leave us a review on iTunes, that would also be great.

Brett L. Kinsler, DC is a Rochester chiropractor, blogger, podcaster and, with your help, is responsible for lowering the chiropractic doom and gloom meter just a little bit.

Chiropractic and Stroke Podcast Interview Posted

The first real episode of the On The Other Hand podcast is now live.  In it, Dr. Stephen Perle discusses the topic of chiropractic and stroke with me.  You can get it through iTunes or from here. I’m interested to know what you think but for clarity I’m going to try to keep podcast comments on the podcast site or on iTunes.


Our Podcast is Coming!

I just wanted to let you know that the podcast episodes are coming along nicely.  Today, I posted an introductory episode to make sure everything is working properly. It should be available in iTunes very soon.

The series is called On The Other Hand and it will contain interviews, commentaries and rants with responsible, scientific people in chiropractic, alternative medicine and healthcare.  Most of the interviews will stem from West Hartford Group members (the chiropractic think tank) but there are others as well from within and in other professions.

I’m just getting started so there will be a learning curve; I will have to play with the audio settings until it all sounds right, but hopefully it is something you will enjoy.

Episodes can be found at iTunes soon but will also be posted, along with show notes and links, at:  http://ontheotherhand.podbean.com/

So far, only the test episode is there but I do have complete episodes on their way!  Let me know what you think and please vote for me on iTunes to ensure rational, scientific information predominates when someone searches for “chiropractic podcasts.”

Dr. Brett L. Kinsler is a fulltime chiropractor, a sometime blogger and a first time podcaster.

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Medpedia News and Analysis

badge_text_tallI like Wikipedia as a shortcut to quick information but I am afraid to use the information there for any serious projects.  After all, the people producing and editing the content there are just average Joes.  Sure, if you put together enough average Joes and solicit their opinions, you are more likely to come to an accurate conclusion…sometimes.  Not exactly a bet I’d want to place.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a wikifor medical information where only verified medical professionals can directly edit the material?  There is so much medical misinformation on the internet it would be nice to have a source that is more apt to be responsibly written.

Medpedia looks like it might fit that description.  Still in beta phasebut set to fully launch soon, the Medpedia Project is backed by Harvard Medical School, Stanford School of Medicine, Berkeley School of Public Health, University of Michigan Medical School and other leading global health organizations. The goal is to create a new model of how the world will assemble, maintain, critique and access medical knowledge. Over time, they expect to have a collection of up-to-date unbiased medical information, contributed and maintained by health experts around the world, and freely available to anyone who is interested.

This week, I was contacted by a Medpedia staffer. They requested permission to put my blog posts onto the News & Analysis section on their site.  I am pleased and proud to be among the bloggersinvited to participate and welcome the new Medpedia readers and their comments.

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