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You’re one of the hundreds of fine and intelligent people who have been reading my blog.  Thanks!!  I truly appreciate you reading my ramblings and especially relish your comments and private emails.  But, if you are a chiropractor, PT, OT or certified hand therapist I know what you’re thinking.

It’s probably one of two thoughts.

The first is, wow, that RochesterChiro writes some funny and poignant stuff but I can’t waste so much time reading his blog without getting continuing education credits for it.  What’s in it for me?

The second thing you’re thinking is, I wonder if the doctor who writes this blog has a voice that sounds just like the I use one in my head when I read his funny, poignant stuff.

Well, dear reader, I have solved both of your problems at the same time!!

You may know that I write online continuing education courses for the best Online CE provider in the world! also known as offers online continuing education courses for Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Certified Hand Therapists, Massage Therapists, Athletic Trainers and Aromatherapists.

I have a bunch of very good courses in the Pediatrics, Emergency Procedures and Physical Diagnosis sections (you can search instructor name Kinsler if you want) which you can take for credit.  But I have just posted a new course in a new format that I am really excited about.  In it, the chirogoddess Dr. Elliott and I discuss the newest research concerning Autism and Vaccinations (See course Peds 113) in a one hour course complete with slides and an audio presentation.  It is the first one we have done in this format and we would appreciate any feedback you have.  It sort of felt like doing a podcast — an idea I have been toying with as well.  You should check it out.

Besides, where else are you going to get an hour of university sponsored, state approved CE credits for like twenty bucks?  You can even wear those torn sweatpants and bunny slippers and not leave your house! And, you know the instructor so it’s not exactly a crap shoot.  One hour, five easy quiz questions and you can print your certificate!  How cool is that?

You’re already reading my stuff, you might as well get credit for it.  With the latest landmark decisions in vaccine court, you should have the information to make informed recommendations to your patients.  This course will definitely help with that.  Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Dr. Brett L. Kinsler writes the RochesterChiro blog and post graduate continuing education for


Speaking Engagements

This has been a great year for me with respect to speaking engagements.  I was invited to speak at the American Board of Trial Attorneys’ continuing education program where I taught a section on spinal anatomy for attorneys.  Then, I was invited by the University of Rochester Office of Prehospital Care to teach in their lecture series at fire departments and ambulance corps in two counties.  I completed teaching the ‘Protect Your Back for EMS Workers’ lecture and have just started teaching ‘Ethical Decisions in Prehospital Care’.  The feedback I have been getting is excellent.  It seems that people really appreciate continuing education lectures that are well-prepared and engaging and I am happy to oblige.  I don’t think I would like teaching something I didn’t find interesting.

I have certainly learned a great deal of respect for all of my prior teachers and university professors as the time it takes to prepare a really good one or two hour lecture is at least 10 fold greater!  Luckily, these lectures are being repeated in various agencies so at least I can recycle the time spent in preparing them.


Dr. Brett Kinsler, chiropractor in Rochester, NY, is available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics in healthcare and emergency medicine.  He can be reached through his website at

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