Cellphones Popping Popcorn? Could it be true?

It never ceases to amaze me that people will see something outrageous and their first instinct is to, well, actually believe it.  Skepticism is dead in this country and I am certain it is the Internet, and probably YouTube, that killed it.

“But I saw it!  I saw it!”

Yeah, you saw with your own two eyes the videos where people put a few cellphones together pointing at a few kernels of popcorn.  They call the phones simultaneously and, POOF (or POP), the popcorn begins popping.  Supposedly, it is the cell phone radiation causing the popcorn to cook.  And imagine what it does to your brain?

Well, not much.  Apparently, these videos of the cell phone popped corn were staged by Cardo Systems, the maker of bluetooth wireless headsets, as a publicity stunt.  Cardo admits to that on their website posting that the popping of popcorn with a cell phone occurs only in the movies.  The company also stated “The ‘cell phone and popcorn popping campaign’ is completely untrue and a joke. It has been seen by over 4.1 million users already and has become a sort of global urban legend as it continues to be tried throughout the world.”

Urban legend indeed.  When I get one of these e-mails, my first stop is Snopes.com to check the validity.  Sure enough, you can’t cook an egg between two cell phones on a 60 minute call and you can’t pop popcorn with cell phone RF.


Dr. Brett Kinsler is a skeptic and chiropractor who practices in Rochester, NY.  His website is www.RochesterChiro.com


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